Welcome to gluedog!

The three Core Pillars of gluedog

Deep Gluedog Liquidity

Glue Dogs will start off with lots of liquidity from day one.

Many coins fail at first because of liquidity problems. Gluedog aims to avoid this by employing the most elite gluedog founding fathers. A specialized team of gluedogs that have sworn to protect the gluedog liquidity in the markets.

NFT DeFi Games

The unique gluedog NFTs that are going to be part of the gluedog minting event, are specially designed to give value back into gluedogs.

All the EOS resulted from the NFT minting is automatically used to buy more gluedogs from the market.

Holding gluedog NFTs will give the owners extra yield rewards when LP mining or staking gluedogs.

Users can burn gluedog NFTs and receive gluedog coins.

Timeless Gluedog Value

Owning either gluedogs or gluedog NFTs (or better yet, both!) means you own a part of EOS’ history.

Nobody can take that away from you. Whatever happens, gluedogs will be here forever. All the gluedog smart contracts will be opensourced and have the keys nulled, in order to provide the maximum level of security for gluedog holders.

1. Gluedogs will start trading on Defibox with ample liquidity, and at the same time, the LP mining event will start.

2. There will be eight gluedog NFT minting events over the course of eight consecutive weeks. Each week, a small number of unique, limited-edition gluedog NFTs will be released.

3. We will begin to airdrop gluedogs to holders of every major coin traded on Newdex and more, such as BOX, DOP, DMD, HUB, XBL, DEX etc.

4. At this stage, the gluedogs should be at full strength, and it is when we launch out into the crypto world and pee on all of the markets, to mark our teritory and assert our dominance.

Gluedogs are launching soon!

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Gluedogs: We pee on the markets!

Thank you for choosing gluedog!

Gluedog Enterprise 2022