StableDOG is being airdropped to all DOG holders.

Snapshot Date: March 10th 2022. Hold DOG in your account and register to be eligible for the airdrop.

StableDOG is state-of-the-art DOG-powered, algorithmic stablecoin.

Welcome to gluedog (Telos Edition)!

Gluedog Telos FAQ

You may ask yourself:

Q: wtf is a Telos?

A: The Telos is the blockchain where you’ll be able to get gluedogs.

You may also ask yourself:

Q: wtf is an EVM?

A: Right now, all you need to know, is that this is where you’ll be able to get gluedogs.

And don’t worry:

All the gluedog smart contracts are opensourced in order to provide the maximum level of security for gluedog holders.

Gluedogs have no premine, there are no team tokens, the launch was public and fair for everyone.

Don’t forget to check out the Gluedog GitHub repository.

The simplest way to start trading gluedogs on the Telos EVM is to get Metamask and to go to and configure it for running on the Telos Mainnet EVM. allows withdrawing TLOS to EVM addresses. If you need further assistance on how to work out the Telos EVM, check out and/or ask in the Telos Gluedogs telegram channel. Someone will be bound to help you out. You will need some telos too on your EVM address.

1. Gluedogs will start trading on Omnidex with full, unprecedented liquidity – 100% of the supply is timelocked.

2. After the liquidity timelock expires, we will start burning chunks out of the gluedog circulating supply. At the same time, the Raffle and Burner games begin.

3. The gluedog Liquidity Mining and Coin Staking events begin.

4. At this stage, the gluedogs should be at full strength, and it is when we launch out into the crypto world and pee on all of the markets, to mark our teritory and assert our dominance.

Total Supply:
1,111,111 glue dogs

Token Contract Address:

Total Tokens Burned:

Gluedogs are trading on OmniDex!

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Gluedogs: We pee on the markets!

Thank you for choosing gluedog!

Gluedog Enterprise 2022